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Scribing and Outsourced Recruitment

The experts in government and private sector hiring processes

Capital Recruit has a deep understanding of the unique requirements of scribing and outsourced recruitment services to the public sector and applies the same quality assurance, process improvement systems, and approach to the private sector.

Capital Recruit’s expertise and knowledge of government recruitment processes are second to none, supported by a team of experienced scribes, including many who have held senior roles within the public sector.

Whether you need a scribe for a single recruitment project, or a fully outsourced recruitment service for a large-scale bulk round, our highly trained scribes are backed by our experienced central team. We can design tailored scribing services or outsourced recruitment campaigns to assist with your hiring process, and have available dedicated project managers who will guide your end-to-end scribing and outsourced recruitment processes.
our expertise
We can ensure your next recruitment round:
Our experienced team supports clients across outsourced recruitment projects including:
We use our wealth of experience to deliver the best possible recruitment service and outcomes – for both our clients and for candidates. When you choose to work with Capital Recruit, you are working with a provider you can trust to deliver at an exceptional standard.

Dedicated and experienced scribes

Our scribes are hand-selected, highly professional, flexible, accurate and experienced. Every Capital Recruit scribe is put through an in-depth vetting and training process to demonstrate their experience, approach and values.
Our scribes are:

Scribing and Outsourced Recruitment team

Scribing and Outsourced Recruitment services

The Capital Recruit Scribing and RPO team provides support for Commonwealth Government Departments from APS3 to SES Band 3s and for any level in the private sector.

Our services to the APS are delivered under the Department of Finance People Panel (SON 3897769) and the Australian Federal Police Capability Support Services Panel (SON 3538332).

For private clients, we would be happy to provide a quote based on the activities required to support recruitment rounds at all levels.
Activities Recruitment Scribing Services Outsourced Recruitment Services

Application Management

  • Shortlisting or longlisting applications against competencies and criteria
  • Pre-screening applications using eRecruit, SuccessFactors, PageUp
  • Supporting merit selection processes

Panel and Interview Scribing 

  • High-level scribing services to fully support the Selection Panel at interview
  • Participating as an Independent Panel Member in selection panels
  • Scribing at interviews and shortlisting meetings

Selection Committee Reports 

  • Preparing Selection Committee Reports and uploading to recruitment software
  • Individual and comprehensive referee reports

Referee Management

  • Contacting nominated referees and conducting referee checks
  • Preparing comprehensive referee reports

Candidate Management

  • Assisting with administrative tasks including initial contact with candidates
  • Providing feedback to candidates in an approved format, where required
  • Arranging and scheduling interviews

Administration Support

  • Preparing behavioural, psychometric and competency-based interview questions
  • Project managing the process end-to-end

Design and Management

  • Designing end to end RPO services
  • Designing and delivering graduate recruitment and bulk rounds
  • Assisting with the development of Position Descriptions to include skills, culture fit, and values alignment


  • Delivering comprehensive assessment processes for graduate candidates to review academic transcripts plus broader skills, experiences, motivations and culture fit
  • Designing, developing and facilitating Assessment Centres, skills testing and information sessions
  • Developing and implementing psychometric testing and assessments
  • Designing written and video assessments
  • Developing final assessments reports

Candidate Management

  • Managing candidate communications to keep them engaged
  • Managing flights and travel, as required

Advertising Campaigns

  • Developing job ads and a tailored advertising campaign to maximise reach, engagement, and quality applications
  • Developing a landing page for candidates to learn more before applying

Add-On Services

  • Recruitment process design 
  • Interview question preparation
  • Workforce planning for new departments as a result of business transformation or machiner of government changes 
  • Getting the most of your bulk or graduate round 
  • Maintaining communication with candidates so you retain the interest of top talent
  • Grant process management: Comprehensive note-taking, development of a professional report

Interested in becoming a Scribe?

Are you interested in becoming a scribe? Flexible and remote working arrangements, perfect for uni students or those looking to leave the 9-5. Submit an expression of interest below or give us a call on 02 6154 9309 to discuss available opportunities.

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To discuss your scribing needs or your next bulk recruitment round, contact Rashmi Yerandekar on 0488 488 820 or at [email protected]. Alternatively, you can fill out the form below.
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Capital Recruit is based in Canberra, Australia

Our job vacancies are based across a number of States in Australia.

Currently we are working with clients who require Australian work rights to be in place prior to application and we do not have opportunities for sponsorship. For more information on Australian work rights, please visit www.immi.homeaffairs.gov.au.

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