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Choosing to use a recruiter can help put your mind at ease as they remove the guesswork for you when searching for your next career opportunity. However, it’s important to choose a recruiter that has your best interest at heart and one that you can trust to help you make the right decision for your future. We sat down with a long-standing candidate of ours, Jane Graham who is an experienced Executive Assistant, to discuss her experience with Capital Recruit. Jane shared how she has benefited from using a recruiter to help source opportunities that have helped shape her career goals in the long run.

How she discovered Capital Recruit

When Jane first came across Capital Recruit while applying for jobs in 2015, she had initially hoped this partnership would provide an opportunity to accept a contract role. Little did she know that Capital Recruit would be a company she would put her full trust in for her career for years to come. 

While the role that she had originally applied for didn’t come to fruition, Jane remained in our database and it wasn’t long before Janelle, our Lead Consultant in Corporate Support, Policy, Program, Project Management, and Security reached out to Jane in her search for a new vacant position. 

A point of difference with the team at Capital Recruit

Jane particularly likes working with Janelle for all her recruitment needs. She has always found that Janelle places her in the right position in the right organisation that fits with her needs. She says that Janelle has a knack for drawing out the right information for not only the candidate but the workplace and client as well. 

Having experienced other recruitment companies, Jane found Capital Recruit’s approach to be different from the rest. A selling point for Jane was the personal touch with a candidate. Unlike other recruitment companies, Capital Recruit has helped Jane not only with the interview process but also with onboarding. As well as providing regular checkins once starting in a role. These touch points have been instrumental to Jane and have always left her with a good feeling about Capital Recruit.

Now that Jane is in a permanent role, she has worked with Capital Recruit on the opposite side of recruitment, using their expertise to find her the right temporary employees that have turned into permanent employees down the track. Capital Recruit has been very helpful in resolving issues relating to information technology with temporary employees to help the transition into the workplace easier for both the candidate as well as the client.

Past lessons learnt on her job search

After a few years of experience, she believes that the smaller agencies provide more personalised services on both sides of recruitment (candidate and client) as they really delve deeper into placing the right people in roles.

Like many people, Jane has in the past found herself in roles (outside of using a recruiter) that she did not enjoy early on. While this can be a traumatic situation for a new starter, she learned that she had someone in her corner who was ready to find her an opportunity that suited her better. That person was Janelle, who set Jane up for a transfer to the right role seamlessly.

Jane’s advice to contractors and those looking to use a recruitment agency

Jane has many years of experience working as an Executive Assistant within various workplaces. Here is some of the advice she has for contractors or people looking to use a recruiter for their job search:

  • An interview (either with a recruiter or potential employer) is as much your opportunity, as it is theirs, to get to know each other. The more questions you ask, the better you will understand the company or recruiter and their values. 
  • Don’t always choose the bigger recruitment agencies to work with. It pays to choose local and small. They are more likely to have your best interest at heart and find the right role for you. 
  • As a contracting Executive Assistant, she suggests you find a buddy within the team or system you are working in. They will help you find your feet in your new role and you can learn a lot from others in similar roles. 
  • If you are unsure about the role you are interviewing for, ask more questions prior. With previous recruitment agencies, she has discovered that not all recruiters have briefed a candidate appropriately and are then given the wrong impression about a role.
  • Not every recruiter has your best interest in mind. Choose one that you trust and have a good gut feeling about.

Are you looking for your next role as an Executive Assistant in the private sector? Reach out to Janelle, our Lead Consultant in Corporate Support, Policy, Program, Project Management, and Security to chat about your next career move.

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