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Why us?

We’ve got the experience

While we launched Capital Recruit in 2014, we (Sarah and Glen) have more than ten years’ experience successfully recruiting in Canberra while working for the larger agencies.

We’ve developed our reputation for delivering excellent recruitment outcomes for our clients and candidates from the government, private and not-for profit sectors. We are specialised at filling roles in:

  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Business Support
  • Executive Assistants (EAs)
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Marketing and Communications; and
  • Sales.

This means if you need to fill a role or you are looking for a job in one of these areas – we’ve got you covered. We understand the roles, the skills and the industries which makes us better placed when matching clients and candidates. It also means we have ten years’ worth of networking in these areas so we have great connections – and an extensive candidate database.

Canberra… we ‘get it’

Things are a bit different here in Canberra compared to other cities in Australia – we understand that. We also understand some of the complexities in recruiting for the Australian Public Service (APS) which means we are able to help our clients and candidates navigate the process, helping to ensure a smooth process with a good outcome.

As Canberrans know, it is not just in the APS where things work differently. Candidates and clients in the private and not-for-profit sectors here in Canberra know all-to-well how recruitment in their industries is influenced by some of the same factors affecting the APS. Because we understand this, we are better able to support our clients and candidates and help them achieve the right outcomes, regardless of which sector they are in.

We are small

We are large enough to have a talented team and a great database of candidates – yet small enough to still offer a personalised service.

Being a small business in Canberra we are also proud to support other small businesses in Canberra. Whether it’s in purchasing office equipment, getting merchandise or accounting and other business services, we prefer to show our support for the community by buying local. This means more jobs for Canberra!

We are socially responsible

As a small, local Canberra business we love to get involved and do our bit for the greater good in our community. This is not via a formal corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy like multinationals with shareholders often need to write, but rather just something we do because we believe it in it.

One of these things is that we are big on promoting a healthy and happy workplace through our candidates and clients. We see this as something to practice and preach – you will see us around town taking part and actively supporting community events like fun-runs and other sporting endeavours. It’s especially great when we are joined at these events by some of our candidates and clients.

We like to reduce risks

Whether you’re looking for a job or you’re an employer looking fill a role, there are risks – and we’ve got some proven methods to reduce the risks for you.

For example, it could be the risk of hiring someone who turns out not to be the right fit for your team. Or perhaps the risk of being the one hired somewhere that just isn’t right for you. Either way, part of our role is the recruitment process is to really understand wants and needs – as well strengths and weaknesses – to reduce those risks.  

Our process for getting to know – and screening – our candidates also sets us apart from other recruitment agencies in Canberra. Aside from just checking references and conducting basic online research, we also spend time with our candidates to make sure we really know and understand them and what position, team and organisation they are best suited for.

No recruitment agency can ever promise with complete certainty that a recruitment process will have the perfect outcome. However, the extra effort we put in to matching candidates, roles, managers and organisations will help reduce that risk for everyone. Of course there will be times when things just don’t pan out, we accept that. What’s important then is that we will do what it takes to make sure the right person ends up in the right job.

We listen

One of the things really setting us apart from larger agencies is we really listen to our clients and candidates.

This means we can ensure both candidate and client needs are understood and met. We keep communication channels open between parties – and we know what questions to ask to get the answers that matter most to make sure the right candidate fills the right role.

We deliver

As they say, ‘…the proof is in the pudding’!

Over the last decade we have built a reputation for delivering. If you have worked with us before we founded Capital Recruit you probably already know this. If you haven’t yet, we’d love to have the opportunity to show you the next time you are looking for a candidate or job.

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